Artist Biography

Bill Fink
(Born in 1954)
Artist, Photographer, Lithographer, Idea Development, glassmaking, ceramics.

When I was 14 years old, I had a full time job working with a photo lab that had cameras at dozens of hospitals so the nurses could photograph the newborn babies. It was my job to process the film and print the pictures for parents to purchase. I used most of the money I earned experimenting with all kinds of photo emulsions and chemicals. Some of the people I admired were the early founders of Photography like Herschel, Potivin, Niepce, Talbot, Daguerre, and other innovators. When I read that Herschel created the first photo fixer, I wondered if I could create another fixer of my own. On October 25th, 1969 after having experimented with many household products, I found I could preserve a developed picture by using alcohol. Although it created a bluish green color of sorts, it did keep the picture from turning black once the light was turned on. I still have that dated picture and I have never stopped experimenting. Questions inspire me to make experiments, and "Experiments Create My Art."

Who Taught Us to Think the Way WE Think?

When should we listen to others and when should we think for ourselves?
By the time we spend a lifetime absorbing what others have taught us, how much of me is me and how much of you is really you? We need to find the part of us that is exclusively us, to get beyond the mold making we have been taught.
I think Goals, dreams, and passions are a great place to find ourselves.

Albert Einstein said that imagination is the greatest creative force. It is not education because that is information that others before us have given us. I do not understand where ideas come from. For me they come from looking at what I see and then asking what if?

We all live in a world we are trying to make sense of. Experimenting helps us find answers to our questions!


BA in Liberal Studies at Cal Poly Pomona
Member of the Golden Key Honors Society

Accepted for Masters Program at Claremont Colleges, but decided to be self taught.

Prior Part-time professor at Pasadena City College and Union School.

Historian of old Photographic and Printing processes and innovator of my own processes.

Founder of a non-profit 501c3 foundation to promote new ideas. Visit the Seeds Foundation website.

This website is a small sample of things I have worked on. My life and art are both experiments in progress

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